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grand estate Rocha
Uruguay Rocha

1.982 hectare / 4.895 acre

asking :
US$ 17.838.000
US$ 9.000/ha

contemporary style casco campo Rocha
a gentleman ranch in the Atlantic coast hinterland

more photos

30% hill terrain, native forest/srcub covered, 70% pasture, gently ondulated, partly dotted with native palm trees (Butia). Suitable for full circle cattle ranching, breeding-fattening, forestation, eco tourism. Large lake can be seen in distance

major and minor streams
Coneat* = 81
main house 5x bedrooms, 3x bath rooms, administrator`s home, staff's home, 3x barns .

23x fenced subdivisions all water supplied by streams or small reservoires (tajamares, 10x), sown pastures 850 ha, fertilised (250kg P/ha p.a. since 2002) lifestock instalations, public electricity
major gravel road at gate, small town at 23 km, Atlantic beaches at 32 km, Montevideo at 288 km

outstanding scenary, a true grand estate

Uruguay, Paysandú

788 hectare / 1946 acre

asking :
US$ 9.850.000
US$ 12.500/ha

85% best cropland (wheat, soya, corn etc) on sedimentary black earth type soils
Coneat* = 184
modest owner’s home, barn, lifestock installations, electricity paved road at gate
major provincial town at 43 km, Montevideo at 250 km
rents of US$400/hectare have been paid for comparable lands this season 2012

historic grand estate
Uruguay, Montevido

543 hectare / 1341 acre

asking :
US$ 6.000.000

52% cropland (wheat, soya, corn fruit&vineyard) 48% lowlands, mainly wetlands (no comercial, only scenic value, since under environmental protection)
Rio Santa Lucia riverfront 3,5 km (both high and low bank)
Coneat* = 122 on elevated part (57%), Coneat 9 on lowlands (43%)
1930’s grand neo-historic andalucian casco, a real landmark, extensive outbuildings equally historic, extensive park
60 ha fruityard, currently 160 ha grain farming
Montevideo at 15-20 km

grand estancia / agricultural estate

2767 hectare, Lavalleja
asking price and details for this 8-digit investment on request

grand estate in Lavalleja Uruguay
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grand estancia / agricultural estate

1283 hectare, Colonia
asking price and details on request

grand estate in Colonia Uruguay
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grain/cattle farm1335 hectare(ha) / 3297 acre

asking :
US$ 8.811.000
US$ 6600/ha

graincattle farm San Jose Uruguay
60-70 potentially cropland on black sedimentary soils(wheat, soya, corn, sorghum etc) 100% apt for intensive cattle grazing, fattening
small streams
Coneat* = 130
modest farmstead/casco, public electricity at gate, typical livestock instalation
paved road (ruta 3) at gate
Montevideo at 140 km


historic estancia - grain & cattle
Uruguay, San José

738 hectare / 1823 acre

30% prime crop land, 100% very good pasture land for cattle grazing, fattening. Good size and soils for complete circle cattle ranch
creek, large water reservoir
Coneat* = 114
historic estancia, casco originating from the 1850s, renovated, pool, barns, administrator’s house, complete livestock installations, public electricity
Gravel road at gate, San Jose at 45 km, Montevideo at 100 km


rice & cattle farm
Uruguay, Tacuarembó

2208 hectare / 5454 acre

farm offer tacuarembó
450 ha rice producing on lowland soils, 1050 ha lighter deep soils for crops (soya, grains) or sown pasture (200 ha pasture sown), remaining land mostly superficial soils for cattle breeding or sheep herding
Coneat* = 77
extensive irrigation system for rice farming, extensive livestock instalations, farmstead with various barns and out buildings
gravel road at gate
Montevideo at 450 km


cattle farm
Uruguay, Florida

1212 hectare / 2994 acre

cattle farm offer Florida
typical central uruguayan farmland, gently undulating, 40% deeper potentially crop soils, 100% of soils for complete circle cattle breeding & fattening
larger streams
Coneat* = 108
modest farmstead, typical livestock instalation
gravel road at gate
Montevideo at 170 km

cattle&grain farm
Uruguay, Flores

1119 hectare / 2464 acre

asking :
US$ 7.162.000
US$ 6400/ha

cattle farm Flores
central Uruguayan natural pasture land apt for cattle breeding plus fattening, gently ondulating. With 50% medium depth soils 50% deeper sedimentary, potentially crop soils
major streams and lakes
Coneat* = 110
Farmstead w. main house , administrator’s and workers’ house and barns, livestock installations, public electricity. A feasibility study to farm 400 ha w. pivot irrigation, reservoir supplied, is available.
Gravel road at gate, paved road at 14 km, town at 14 km, Montevideo at 190 km


grain (principally) & cattle farm
Uruguay Soriano

701 hectare / 1731 acre

grain farm
65% prime cropland (wheat, soya, corn etc) on deep black earth sedimentary soils 100% of land apropriate for intensive cattle grazing/fattening
small stream
Coneat* = 160
main house, worker’s house, barn. lifestock installations
zone of modern and intensive farming
gravel road at gate, paved road at 11 km, town of Mercedes at 50km, Montevideo, Buenos Aires 300 km


Ranch / Estancia w.traditional Casco
Uruguay, Flores

1056 hectare / 2608 acre

traditional cattle ranch professional scale uruguay
traditional cattle ranch of professional scale

more photos

typical central Uruguayan farmland, gently undulating, low to medium and medium depth sedimentary soils, 30% of land with potential for cropping when in rotation with pasture, land entirely being good grazing land for cattle breeding/grazing operation.
Various streams
Historic Estancia Casco / ranch mansion of the 1900s, massive, gallery etc, barns of same era, pool., chapel. Very well maintained. Typical ivestock installations,
gravel road at gate,paved road at 16 km
provincial capital 40 km
grain seaport at 210 km
Montevideo at 240 km
u282) Uruguay

grand historic estancia

3100 hectare, central Uruguay
asking price and details for this 8-digit investment on request

currently operated as full circle breeding/fattening cattle ranch with partial crop farming potential
casco estancia / estate mansion of the 1890s

asking price is based solely on the farm's productive potential, no price premium asked for historic aspect and architecture


cattle&grain farm
Uruguay, Salto

1264 hectare / 3122 acre

asking :
US$ 5.688.000
US$ 4500/ha

cattle farm Salto
55% being fertile crop soils, entire land being good cattle grazing / fattening land
major streams and lakes
Coneat* = 138
Currently worked merely as cattle ranch, 100ha rented out for forestation.
Buildings and facilities of a traditional extensive cattle ranch
paved road at 50 km, town of Salto at 70 km

cattle&grain farm
Uruguay, Rio Negro

4455 hectare / 11004 acre

asking :
US$ 22.720.500
US$ 5100/ha

cattle farm RIOnegro
1/3 of property being good to excellent crop soils (soya, wheat, corn etc) and are effectively under production/rotation. Remaining lands being natural pasture for cattle grazing, allowing for breeding/grazing/fattening. Topography in its entity gently rolling
major and minor streams and lakes
Coneat* = 98
Buildings and infrastructure being those of a thoroughly managed estate of such size and type. Casco (main estate building) from around 1900, adding some historic charm
Public electricity, mobile phone coverage
town of Young at 140km, Montevideo at 350 km

large rice & cattle farm
Uruguay, Cerro Largo

1527 hectare / 3772 acre

asking :
US$ 6.413.400
US$ 4200/ha

60% of property being lowlands, in its majority of use for rice & cattle rotation
40% more elevated fractions allow for intensive cattle farming and/or feed- and cash crop cultivation.
Currently operated w. 600 ha rice farming / cattle rotation
Cattle farming on remaining land, 200 ha artificial pastures
2x water reservoirs for some 300 ha land irrigation. Various permanent larger and smaller streams
Farmstead w. accommodation for workers, barns, etc
Public electricity, mobile phone coverage
Montevideo at 360 km

Prime soy/grain farm
Uruguay, Soriano

441 hectare(ha) / 1089 acre

asking :
US$ 4.410.000
US$ 10000/ha (negotiable)

farmland pic u301
72% of property deep prime crop soils (soya, wheat, corn etc) 28% medium depth soils for natural or improved cattle pasture and/or extensive crop rotation
various streams
Coneat* = 180
Modest farmstead, public electricity
paved road almost at gate, NuevaPalmira grain seaport 55km, Montevideo at 215 km

Prime soy/grain farm
Uruguay, Rio Negro

762 hectare(ha) / 1882 acre

asking :
US$ 6.553.000
US$ 8.600/ha

farmland pic u313
75% prime cropland (wheat, soya, corn etc) on deep black earth sedimentary soils 100% of land appropriate for intensive cattle grazing/fattening
major and minor streams
Coneat* = 182
farmstead, barns. livestock facilities
zone of modern and intensive farming
gravel road at gate, town of Young at 22km, Montevideo + Buenos Aires at 300 km
Listings published on our website are a fraction of the properties we can offer. Please inquire.
commission for buyer : 3% ( + VAT, if applicable )

* Coneat = Uruguay's soil fertility / productivity rating system. The system covers all rural properties. Each property as well as each soil type is rated accordingly. 100 would indicate medium fertility/productivity by Uruguayan standards, often a major part of it being suitable for agriculture, 150 would indicate a high yield cropland.
detailed scientific description of each soil type :
soils type 0 - soils type 1+2 - soils type 3+4+5 - soils type 6+7 - soils type 8+9 - soils type 10 - soils type 11+12+13

amounts spelled continental way, "500.000" = "five-hundred-thousand" (500,000 in the US)

Disclaimer: This information is from sources deemed reliable but not guaranteed by us. Properties are subject to prior sale, price change, correction or withdrawal.