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offer 114 -
Stately Estancia with 2x historic Cascos, Argentina, 135 km to Buenos Aires

745 hectar, US$ 3.725.000

se vende campo historico senoral colonial

master casco Estancia
main Casco Estancia

main Casco Estancia

second Casco

second Casco


114) listed 07.Mar.07

stately Estancia
Argentina 135 km to Buenos Aires

745 hectar / 1.840 acre

asking :
US$ 3.725.000
US$ 5.000/ha

farm-/ranch land of typical fertility of Pampa Humeda, flat, as is also typical for the argentinian Pampa, 50% apt for agriculture (corn, wheat, soya, etc), 100% apt for cattle breeding/fattening, creek.

1x estate : 2x very stately Cascos Estancia / mansions. Main casco from around 1900. Renovated. 750 qm, 10x suites, hall, dining hall etc, wine cellar, central heating/ac etc
2. casco (mansion, buildings cluster), equally high quality renovation, 650 qm, equally stately interior, located here : small spa, pool (22x8m, heated), tennis court
Chapel. 2x complete staff houses, 3x complete staff apartments, barn 250qm, various additional buildings.
Very beautiful 100 year old park 26 hectar, oak tree lined access way

Another estate apt as polo ranch resort or similiar. At the same time agricultural income producing.

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