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We are principally realtors for agricultural property in Uruguay and Paraguay (Farmland investments Uruguay real estate) This page groups properties that feature historic architecture and in some cases true grandeur


Argentina, Uruguay
The heartland of Argentina and the south-western half of tiny Uruguay, the Pampas, are serious farming and ranching regions, with climate, topography, soils being favourable. Cattle and agriculture created considerable wealth from the 1850s to the 1950s among large land owners. Several proud estates / Estancias remain today. Some of the Estancias listed here have the ingredients for a true grand estate - the historic mansion and size and quality of land for serious professional ranching and farming. Uruguay, which is my home market, is sometimes perceived as the "better Argentina" for being a more prudent and predictable political and juridical environment. Farmland prices have multiplied over the last years as they have in other world regions. Operational farming returns on assets (land purchased) are somewhat modest as a result.

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Estancias of the Pampas

Estancias, guest ranches of Uruguay

Estancia architecture of Uruguay


Some of Mexico's appeal being its proximity to the US, its immensely rich culture and history with abundant historic architecture. It is not principally a country of large agricultural estates, but more of small land holdings. A historic Hacienda offered for sale would typical be a tiny fraction of its original, pre-revolution of 1910 size, and rather serve as a rural residence or a tourism venture, less so as an income producing agricultural estate.
Many Haciendas for sale today are located in Yucatan, where around 1900 a boom of henequen sisal fibre production led to the founding of many stately architecture rural estates.

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Listings on this page are located in the Paraiba Valley inland from Rio de Janeiro, a region well known for its formerly coffee growing historic estates / Fazendas. it is a montanous and very scenic region. Here again properties will rather be rural (stately) residential or touristic with possibly farming/ranching on hobby scale. The region's climate makes for lush vegetation and great possibilties for landscaping

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Brazil Fazendas


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Uruguay, historic estates


133) Uruguay
thoroughly renovated estate
close to Punta del Este

100 ha / 247 acre

Punta del Este region historic mansion for sale

The renovated mansion formed the core of a spanish colonial era estancia (late VIII century). 900qm of buildings including dependencies
Please open the separate photo page for more detailes.
136) Uruguay

historic estancia
close to seaside


389 hectare / 961 acre

asking :
US$ 3.300.000

historic estancia close to coast seaside
historic casco, estancia maritima

4 km riverbank, Atlantic ocean at 10 km
riverbank 10 km from open sea / Atlantic coast

and a more recent set of photos

land mainly flat, 20% with aptitude for agriculture / feed crops etc, 80% fertile natural pasture land for cattle breeding + grazing operation, 4 km frontage to river that flows into the Rio de la Plata/Atlantic ocean at 10 km distance.
historic casco estancia, roughly 10x rooms, u-shaped forming a courtyard with Aljibe (cistern) dating possibly from the 1870's, in need of extensive renovation, on elevated spot with great views
1x recent 2xbedroom residence, barns (in good condition)
lifestock instalations, small fraction of eucalyptus plantation, 17x fenced subdivisions
paved coastal main highway at 6 km, village at 3 km, Montevideo at 60-80 km, Punta del Este at 60-80 km
169) Uruguay

neo-colonial Estancia & pine plantation
north-east Uruguay

440 hectare / 1087 acre

asking :
US$ 3.900.000
includes 90000 m³ pine wood

sale forest plantation estancia
neo colonial casco

more photos

consists mostly of a pine plantation, 400.000 trees Taeda y Ellioti varieties (Parish, Louisiana, US origin) planted 2001-2002, 90000m³ as of Sept 2015
Casco/Mansion built since 2002 in neo colonial style, designed for being a guest estancia or private residence, forming courtyard with pool and very extensive galleries, latin style, roughly 10x bedroom, 10x bathroom, correspondingly halls, dining, livings, study, 1.040m²total, furniture included. Barn, garage. Gravel road at gate, paved road at 3 km, Montevideo at 320 km.
186) Uruguay

grand estancia / agricultural estate

2767 hectare, Lavalleja
asking price and details for this 8-digit investment on request

grand estate in Lavalleja Uruguay
- - - -
- - - -
191) Uruguay

historic grand estate

543 hectare / 1341 acre

asking :
US$ 6.000.000

52% cropland (wheat, soya, corn fruit&vineyard) 48% lowlands, mainly wetlands (no comercial, only scenic value, since under environmental protection)
Rio Santa Lucia riverfront 3,5 km (both high and low bank)
Coneat* = 122 on elevated part (57%), Coneat 9 on lowlands (43%)
1930’s grand neo-historic andalucian casco, a real landmark, extensive outbuildings equally historic, extensive park
60 ha fruityard, currently 160 ha grain farming
Montevideo at 15-20 km

232) Uruguay

Historic Estancia , cattle ranch
southern Florida

550 hectare / 1358 acre

historic estancia for sale uruguay
historic casco estancia with barn from 1880s

more photos

more photos II (recent

typical central Uruguayan natural pasture land apt for cattle breeding plus fattening, 40-50% potentially crop land.
Large creek forming natural ponds
Coneat* = 106
Picture book estancia, casco originating from the 1880s, large stately barn of same style, administrator’s house, complete livestock installations,
public electricity
Gravel road at gate, paved road at 6 km, Montevideo at 115 km

fsbo1) Uruguay

real estancia

167 hectare / 412 acre

above average fertility farmland, 100% suitable for cattle grazing/fattening, 70% potential cropland (soya, corn, wheat)
2x natural lakes 300x30m, streams
Coneat* = 113
truly outstanding historic casco estancia(estate mansion) of the 1880s, renovated, view seperate page for detailes

280) Uruguay

Historic Estancia , cattle ranch
Flores Dpto

1056 hectare / 2608 acre

traditional cattle ranch professional scale uruguay
traditional cattle ranch of professional scale

more photos

typical central Uruguayan farmland, gently undulating, low to medium and medium depth sedimentary soils, 30% of land with potential for cropping when in rotation with pasture, land entirely being good grazing land for cattle breeding/grazing operation.
Various streams
Historic Estancia Casco / ranch mansion of the 1900s, massive, gallery etc, barns of same era, pool., chapel. Very well maintained. Typical ivestock installations,
gravel road at gate,paved road at 16 km
provincial capital 40 km
grain seaport at 210 km
Montevideo at 240 km
u282) Uruguay

grand historic estancia

3100 hectare, central Uruguay
asking price and details for this 8-digit investment on request

currently operated as full circle breeding/fattening cattle ranch with partial crop farming potential
casco estancia / estate mansion of the 1890s

asking price is based solely on the farm's productive potential, no price premium asked for historic aspect and architecture

Uruguay, contemporary with outstanding features


500m beach front residence
Uruguay, Canelones

25 hectare / 62 acre

asking :
US$ 2.200.000

beachfront property near Montevideo
beachfront property Canelones

main building 300 qm, hall, living, 4x bedroom w.bath en suite, etc
- care taker's house with service rooms 120 qm
- 1x more bungalow, 50 qm, close to beach
- 4x car garage, 5 hectar park
located between Atlantida and Piriapolis, Montevideo and airport at 45 min drive

Unique large fraction with sea view hilltop
Uruguay, Maldonado

360 hectare / 914 acre

asking :
US$ 3.060.000
US$ 8.500/ha

estancia maritima Punta del Este
estancia maritima, Punta del Este region

more photos

50% valley ground with deeper farming soils (grain/cattle), 30% more shallow soils for cattle grazing, 20% rocky hilltop, some small streams
Coneat* = 75
Small weekend cabin, water from well, public electricity. paved road at 3 km, Punta del Este at 45 km (30min)
property with great views towards lake and Atlantic and towards hillside interior in the most upmarket and sought after region of Uruguay.
(can generate a small farming net income)

mansion on hill top
Uruguay, Rocha

51 hectare / 125 acre

asking :
(price upon request)

Uruguay hilltop mansion
hilltop mansion Rocha coastal hillrange

more photos

property has in recent years been thoroughly landscaped,10 ha eucalyptus forest, 2 ha olive plantation, 8 ha fenced pasture for horses, 5 ha native forest, remaining land being native grass lands. Extensive walkways and driveways have been created
hilltop mansion with superb views, built 2009/10, using an ancient fieldstone structure as base, breton in style as much as estancia, designed by its french architect/engineer/owner, with excellent materials (hardwoods, granite stone etc) and finish. Garage, caretaker's home, pool. 350qm buildings in total
paved road at gate (and proper distance to mansion)
town of Rocha 15 km
Atlantic Coast at 40 km
Punta del Este at 115 km

contemporary residence
Uruguay, Maldonado

40 hectare / 98 acre

asking :
US$ 715.000

Uruguay hilltop mansion
contemporary in the rugged coastal hill country

more photos

2/3 of land being rugged hillside with native vegetation, 1/3 being the lower fraction towards the valley ground, being more open grassland, / natural pasture, property’s eastern border is a larger, scenic stream in the valley ground.
Landmark contemporary architecture residence, built in 2009, 3x bedroom, 2x bathroom, large living/dining, floor heating, 185m² , excellent finish Garage, public electricity Mobile phone,mobile internet coverage
20 min drive to town of Minas
40 min drive to Punta del Este
60 min drive to Montevideo airport
u288) Uruguay

unique grand estate

397 hectare / 981 acre
asking US$ 4.500.000

historic estancia uruguay

grand estate Uruguay Maldonado

photos mansion
photos farmland

farmland of above average fertility, suitable for any activity, grain&soy farming, vinyard, olives, cattle, forestation. Current : 60 ha soya, some 300 ha eucalyptus partly combined w. cattle grazing, cattle pastures
One large stream forming very scenic natural lakes, some minor streams
Coneat* = 122
both Montevideo/Carrasco and Punta del Este at some 50min drive's distance, village at 6 km distance
Stately mansion of unique finish, style, sophistication, constructed in 2008-2010 in andalucian style of 1100qm. All interior rooms truly stately in size, appearance and detail : 5 en suite bathrooms, a large drawing room, a formal dining room, a living room, chef’s kitchen and servants’ quarters. AC + floorheating throughout. Ample covered outdoor BBQ and summer dining and bar area, wood fired pizza oven and parrila. Spanish orange grove central courtyard surrounding fountain. Pool w. pool house. Complete farmstead (gate house) for the estate’s farming & ranching operation at 2 km from mansion

estancia maritima
Uruguay, Rocha

100 hectare / 247 acre

asking :
(price upon request)

Uruguay estancia maritima atlantic coast
an estancia maritima, a 20min drive from the atlantic coast

more photos

entire property being open pasture land, of plain to gently rolling topography
1x large reservoir, 3x smaller ones, corrals etc for horses and cattle
recently constructed mansion / casco estancia, of pure traditional Uruguayan/Argentinian style and splendid taste.
Main house: 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. Caretakers house: 2 bedrooms, 1 bath. Guest/groom's house: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Orchard, rose garden, tack room, large barn, big old rancho which is laundry, storage and engine room, parking open barn 4x, swimming pool 96 x 12.5 mts, clay tennis court, 1 regular polo field, 1 practice polo field
ruta 10 at some 8km
beaches/beach resorts at some 20km
Punta del Este at 120km

Atlantic Coast Estancia
Uruguay, Rocha

402 hectare / 993 acre

asking :
US$ 2.814.000

Uruguay coastal ranch
coastal ranch estancia maritima LePedrera Rocha

in its entirety fertile cattle farmland, land would also allow for some other agri activities. Property's main feature is proximity (a horse ride's distance) to coast/beach
some modest ranch buildings and livestock facilities
8 km to Atlantic seaside/beaches at LaPedrera
220 km to Montevideo

riverfront property / eco-resort
Uruguay, Canelones

42 hectare / 104 acre

asking :

Uruguay riverfront property estate
Sta Lucia riverfront property

more photos

one of the area's stretches where the Santa Lucia Riverfront is on high ground, allowing for building and for beautiful views, 1,5km riverfront. 24ha aprox on high ground, apart from being scenic being prime agricultural land, 18ha lowlands covered by riverine pristine forest
property has mainly been an eco-resort, consisting of 5x residential houses (3x of them well maintained w/total 6x bedroom, 6x bathroom, 3x kitchen), pool, poolside clubhouse, 2x large barns, 4-car garage. Earliest buildings possibly dating from the 1920s. Very lush vegetation with old growth park and trees, boat dock, boat ramp, 8km trails for hiking + horse riding. Sale includes ample equipment (farming, gardening, boating)
future use might be an eco resort or a communal living project
small village at 1km, Montevideo downtown at 1h drive

Argentina, historic estates / Estancias


111) Argentina

Estancia / Hotel
98 km to Buenos Aires
411 hectar / 1.015acre

estate mansion for sale
Argentina historic estate mansion
farm-/ranch land of typical fertility of the Pampa Humeda, flat, as is also typical for the argentinian Pampa, 50% apt for agriculture (corn, wheat, soya, etc), 100% apt for cattle breeding/fattening, currently operated 50% agriculture, 50% cattle. Creek
Very stately Casco Estancia / mansion and estate buildings, mainly from around 1900. Renovated. Recently run as Estancia Hotel
9x bedrooms, 7x bathrooms, lounge, huge dining area in seperate building, pool 18x10m, small spa, 2x houses complete for staff, 4x barns, varios other buildings with specific functions for casco and farm.
Huge impressive 100 year old park, 20 hectare, walkways, ponds etc
ranchland with 20x fenced subdivisions, typical cattle installations, paved highway at gate, at 200m from mansion

Mexico, historic estates

231) Mexico

historic grand Hacienda

4 hectare / 10 acre

asking :
EUR 2.500.000

commission free

Yucatan Hacienda
Yucatan Grand Hacienda for sale

a few more photos

Potential for being a hotel (9x bedrooms, 8x bathrooms in total), or private residence. Located close to highway between Mérida and Campeche. Very close to Uxmal, Oxkintok and Puuc route, Calcehtok and Loltun caves and to the historic cities of Campeche or Mérida, the coast and Celestun echological reserve.

Oldest buildings date from shortly after the spanish conquest, there was a great pyramid which was used to build some of the actual construction, as stones located on to floor and terraces show.

Principal mansion (reddish), has a flexible distribution. 3 bathrooms, kitchen, library-salon, master bedroom, and 3 areas that can be used as suites or for common areas, 2 galleries with arches and columns. This building also has a former ancient jail used now as a warehouse. The striped house (blue) has 5 suites with private bathrooms and a big salon, gallery with arches and columns. It has 2 chapels, one of them very impressive for its size and beauty. The smaller one is one of the older construction of the property and its colonial beauty is remarkable. Small pool, under a big “Ceiba”. (Sacred mayan tree)

Brazil, historic estates

177) Brazil

Fazenda of the 1840s
Rio dJ state

350 hectare / 865 acre

asking : US$ 2.000.000

historic fazenda ciclo cafe for sale
fazenda, mansion, Brazil Rio State

more photos

Historic Fazenda / coffee plantation estate founded in 1842, Main mansion 5x bedroom with bathrooms attached, 2x lounges, 2x dining + several other rooms, inner courtyard. The garden consists of a lake with fish, a large swimming pool, deck for barbecue, fitness studio, sauna, and a snooker room. 3 horse stables and two lovely 2 bedrooms guest cottages furnished with bath, kitchen and lounge. The grounds have lots of fruit trees.
Land consists of stream, water fall, mine, 10x waterholes for cattle, barn, 3x cottages for staff and family (current stocking 150 head of beef cattle, 10 buffalo, 6 horses, not included in sale)
The estate has been used as theme to glossy magazines, films and newspaper articles nationally and internationally. Property is in excellent condition and well kept.
2:30 hours from Zona Sul, Rio de Janeiro (150 km) and 4:30 hours from São Paulo.
245) Brazil

Fazenda / country hotel
between Rio + Sao Paulo

305 hectare / 753 acre

asking: US$5.000.000

fazenda hotel for sale
historic fazenda hotel

more photos

Historic Fazenda / coffee plantation estate
Main mansion 13x suites, various stately halls and dining rooms, atriums, large swimming pool, deck.
Garden pavilion with bar, barbecue, covered terrace and dining tables, sauna, gym, hydro-massage, garages. Restaurant for 80-90 persons with kitchen, pantry, storage, bathrooms and a workshop, 1 house in colonial style with 2 guest apartments, both with living room, bedroom and bathroom, 3 wooden chalets for up to 4 persons each
Gardens designed by famous landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, Fruit trees, Vegetable garden, Spring water – abundant water supply, Small lake with an island, Fish pond, 3 houses for employees, Chicken house, Possibility to raise up to 800 cattle
Entire property very well maintained, easy access, at 10 km asphalt road from Dutra highway
colonial estates south america icon Pampa icon Fazendas Brasil icon Haciendas Mexico icon
colonial estates Estancias Pampa Fazendas Brasil Haciendas Mexico
some more images bits and pieces on South American grand estates
commission for buyer : 3% ( + VAT, if applicable )
amounts spelled continental way, "500.000" = "five-hundred-thousand" (500,000 in the US)
Disclaimer: This information is from sources deemed reliable but not guaranteed by us. Properties are subject to prior sale, price change, correction or withdrawal.